Ecigarettes Perth

Where can I buy e-cigarettes in Perth

With a full range of nicotine vaping products available in various flavours, you can make the switch from smoking to vaping quickly and easily. Please click below to view the e-cigarette starter kits that can be delivered to Perth and Western Australia. Delivery estimates to Perth are 6-12 days with Australia Post, or 3-5 days with DHL Express.

Why switch to e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are more affordable, less intrusive, and much cleaner than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes create an odourless vapour, with no smoke smell. This means no more smoker's breath, smelly clothes, or smelly home. There is also no ash or butts. You'll never drop ash on your clothes or carpet, or have to empty an ashtray again. Ecigarettes are even safe enough to "smoke" in bed! Because the battery in ecigarettes automatically turns itself off as soon as you stop inhaling, you can take just one puff, and then put your ecigarette back in your pocket. This is perfect for when you're waiting for public transport, or just want to have a quick nicotine hit without smoking an entire tobacco cigarette. No more lighting up just as the train or bus pulls up! One surprising benefit of making the switch from tobacco cigarette to ecigarettes is that ecigarettes are actually less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. An average 1 pack per day smoker can save over $400 per month. If you want to buy e-cigarettes in Perth, now is the time!

Electronic cigarettes Perth

How do e-cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes work by using a small heating element (called an atomizer) to rapidly heat a flavoured nicotine liquid, this creates a vapour which the user then smokes (or "vapes"). The vapour feels almost identical to the smoke produced from a regular tobacco cigarette - except without the smoke smell. The sensation is practically identical to smoking a real cigarette. The amotizer heating element is powered by a rechargeable battery which is contained inside the body of the ecigarette. The screw in cartridges that hold the nicotine liquid resemble the filters of a traditional cigarette, and are available in various strengths from 24mg for heavy smokers, all the way down to 0mg for those wanting to quit nicotine completely. If you want to change your flavour or nicotine strength, you simply screw in a different cartridge.

What is a personal vaporizer?

Most ecigarettes are designed to resemble traditional cigarettes, and are portable and inconspicuous. Vaporizers on the other hand are much larger (approximately the size of large fountain pen) which although makes them a bit more obvious, also allows them to run on larger more powerful batteries. Unlike ecigaretttes which are refilled by simply screwing in a replacement cartridge, personal vaporizers employ a user refillable tank to store the nicotine eliquid. The eliquid for personal vaporizer is available in a much wider range of flavours than the refill cartridges for ecigarettes - and can even be mixed yourself to create your own flavour blends. Personal vaporizers are becoming very popular with experienced vapers because of the longer battery life, customization options, and the wider eliquid flavour range. Alternatively, some vapers prefer ecigarettes because they are more portable and less conspicuous than vaporizer. If you're completely new to vaping, and have never tried it before, we suggest purchasing an ecigarette starter kit as your introduction to vaping – especially if you're accustomed to the size and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette. If you want to go straight to a vaporizer, then we suggest purchasing a vaporizer starter kit. These kits include everything you need, including an Australian charger, and a variety of eliquid in your choice of flavours.

E-cigarettes Perth

Delivery anywhere in Australia!

Starter kits and nicotine refills/eliquid can be delivered to ALL states in Australia (including Western Australia). To comply with recent changes to Australian laws, all Australian orders are dispatched from the UK. Your order will be delivered by Australia Post and will arrive within 6-12 days, or 3-5 days with DHL Premium Express.